Recollecting a Love Story

An age-old narrative is how two people meet and fall in love. My parents, Jerry and Isabel, met in 1976 while working on Jimmy Carter's Presidential Campaign and they have been a badass D.C. couple ever since. I visually explored their personal recollection of that time, emphasizing what they each choose to highlight and exaggerate as they tell the narrative (e.g. my dad perceiving my mom as a fancy ice queen and my mom perceiving my dad as a nerd with poor social graces). Ultimately, this short film represents their love story as a collective memory—not only how they each recall that time but also my interpretation of the story which I expressed through humor, pronounced theatrics, and the slightly kitschy tone of the film. I wrote the script and storyboard, sourced all the vintage props, handmade paper props, drew the illustrations, directed the film, and stitched the story together in Final Cut Pro. This film has become a beloved family momento. ----- A special thanks to Adam Mizrahi for being a superb lead actor and for the filming support.

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